Ira Ganas Face Yoga meets onelove Naturkosmetik by Melanie Salomon 

Face yoga and natural cosmetics complement each other wonderfully – my daily “must haves” are some products from a small Austrian manufacturer that has been based in Krems, Lower Austria for over 15 years. Everything that we apply from the outside to our skin gets into the blood in 28 seconds, so it is advisable to resort to nature. Not the complexity of the recipes, but the simplicity of the wonderful nature and the best quality of the organic raw materials are in the foreground. The direct purchase from regional suppliers and small farmers, through to the glass packaging and stylish, practical details correspond to sustainability on all levels and the love for mother earth. The focus is to strengthen the skin in its naturalness and to respect and support the natural processes, as in Ayurveda.

Here are my 3 “must have’s”

Eye oil balm gold roller

So beneficial, it takes care of the delicate eye area every morning and evening.

Moist Care Gold Nebel

Intense freshness kick in the morning and evening before applying the care and in between for face, hair and body.

Tooth cleaning powder gold

Gentle cleaning and care of teeth and gums. I use it in the morning and my paraton box has been noticeably better since then. Discoloration dissolves.

As we get older, the needs of our skin also change – that’s why I recommend incorporating face yoga exercises at the latest in order to get a radiant, fresh and smooth face with organic natural cosmetics.

The products are lovingly handcrafted and bottled meditatively.

In the sense of “you are golden” in harmony with mother nature, who we are too.

Every purchase, every value we choose as value makes a difference in this world. Only together will we create companies with real values for ourselves and our children.

We have put together a 30 day cure for you.