What does face yoga do?

Face Yoga according to Fumiko Takatsu is a holistic method that helps you …

  • to consciously perceive and control facial muscles
  • correct your posture
  • release tension in your face, jaw, neck and shoulders
  • improve your charisma
  • tighten your facial skin
  • reduce wrinkles
  • lighten up your mood
  • increase your self-confidence
  • to exercise discipline
  • to create larger eyes and reduce drooping eyelids
  • to elevate your mouth corners
  • reduce your nasolabial fold
  • reduce your double chin
  • define your facial contours
  • to create higher, defined cheeks
  • to have fuller lips
  • reduce forehead wrinkles
  • reduce many facial lines
  • reduce crow’s feet
  • reduces bags under your eyes
  • reduce dark circles under the eyes
  • reduce frown lines (11 line)
  • with promoting an even complexion
  • to relax the jaw and all facial muscles
  • to have a firmer and more youthful face
  • create facial symmetry
  • to reduce puffiness of the face

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What is face yoga 
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