Upledger CranioSacral Therapie®

The soft, gently rhythmic grip technique in the area of the head and sacrum is vibration and resonance therapy for the head, spine and pelvis. It stimulates self-correction, tension balancing and healing processes in the body.

It is a holistic body therapy that influences the well-being of body and mind and thereby improves the quality of life.


€ 80,-

Hands On Energycheck

Neck, shoulders and back are stimulated by gentle acupressure points and imbalances are harmonized. Elements of the classic massage then release any tension in the muscles.

This composition of different techniques, which I have valued for a long time, is relaxing and balancing for body and mind.


€ 49,-


€ 75,-

Face Lifting Massage

When I use the face lifting treatment, I communicate via the connective tissue system and stimulate the facial nerves, the brain and finally the entire body. This has a relaxation and rejuvenation effect.


Intentions of this treatment:

  • Relaxation, tension balancing of the facial muscles
  • Improve expression capabilities
  • Improvement of blood circulation, outflow of lymph, drainage, jaw function improve more vital skin, reduction of wrinkle depth when repeated regularly.

70 €