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Face Yoga can support many things

A specially coordinated face yoga program ensures healthy muscle tension / relief and an upright posture. 

Diaphragm breathing is part of the program. 

Everything is interconnected – the balance in the body restored. 


The. M. buccinator is the most active muscle during wind instrument playing, it compresses the cheeks. The M.orbicularis oris pulls the lips back and presses them against the front teeth. 

Have a supportive effect when playing: M. risorius, M.zygomaticus major, M.depressor anguli and M. depressor labii inferioris by toning the M. buccinator (Howard&Lovorich, 

 1989, Landeck & Döll 1974, Sataloffet al. 1991, Penzel 1995).

In flute instruments, the facial muscles are used to shape the airflow (Brevig 1995).

In the instrument, the air column is then made to vibrate and a sound is created (Howard& Lovorich 1989, Methfessel 2000.

In the area of the neck and the superficial veins including the muscles various connections lead through connective tissue pulls, so that a contraction of the platysma leads to a controlled exhalation into the oral cavity and from there into the instrument. The orofacial muscles are therefore very important for intonation. Another 15 facial muscles may be involved.  Source: Dissertation Face-neck-motor skills in playing wind instruments by Anette Zielke 2010  

facial muscles

This year I learned this method at the Colorado Cranial Institute- Future Health Institute  in Zurich, which I bring in as a valuable supplement.


The Face Lifting Massage

(does not only serve beauty)

The facial massage is a subtle treatment and is wonderfully suitable alone or as a supplement to the FY program. 

When I use the face lifting treatment, I communicate via the connective tissue system and stimulate the facial nerves, the brain and finally the entire body.  

This causes a deep relaxation. 


Objectives of this treatment

In the face massage we balance the tension of about 90 different muscles in the face and neck . 

Improves the functions of the jaw, helps with migraines and tension headaches. 

Promotes blood circulation, lymph outflow, more vital skin, reduction of wrinkle depth with regular use. 

Dysfunctions and dystonia improve.

The Fumiko Takatsu Face Yoga Method

Die 5 R

1. Recognize
2. Release not only the tension but also the thought
3. Rebuild not only the muscle but also awarness
4. Relax
5. Repeat


We have 43 facial muscles which we can train and tone through targeted facial yoga exercises just like the rest of the muscles in our body.

Mistakenly, we think that as we age, only our facial skin slackens. But in fact, it is connected to our facial muscles and when the muscles break down, thanks to gravity, both pull down.

My face yoga programme is a proven, step-by-step guide that focuses on your facial movements and expressions, teaching you to relax and tone your facial muscles.

The face yoga result: a radiant, toned and relaxed face!



Face Yoga Method certified teacher badge

What does face yoga do?

Face Yoga according to Fumiko Takatsu is a holistic method that helps you …

  • to consciously perceive and control facial muscles
  • correct your posture
  • release tension in your face, jaw, neck and shoulders
  • improve your charisma
  • tighten your facial skin
  • reduce wrinkles
  • lighten up your mood
  • increase your self-confidence
  • to exercise discipline
  • to create larger eyes and reduce drooping eyelids
  • to elevate your mouth corners
  • reduce your nasolabial fold
  • reduce your double chin
  • define your facial contours
  • to create higher, defined cheeks
  • to have fuller lips
  • reduce forehead wrinkles
  • reduce many facial lines
  • reduce crow’s feet
  • reduces bags under your eyes
  • reduce dark circles under the eyes
  • reduce frown lines (11 line)
  • with promoting an even complexion
  • to relax the jaw and all facial muscles
  • to have a firmer and more youthful face
  • create facial symmetry
  • to reduce puffiness of the face

Are you ready for your personal face yoga training?

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