You have 43 face muscles ...

... do you exercise them like you exercise your body?

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Neck killer No. 1

When using mobile phones, enormous forces pull on our cervical spine. Why even younger people develop a double chin.

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what is face yoga?

Face Yoga is a holistic concept where you tone your face muscles and raise your awareness.
Your Posture plays a very important role while doing the facial exercise.

By focusing on your breathing , you will relax and reset both your mind and body. It also promotes better circulation, which results in more oxygen and nutrients in face and body.

Acupressure points and relaxing exercises will release tension from the face.

Face Yoga will not only leave you with a youthful and radiant complexion it will also lift your spirit and make you self-confident.

Ira Ganas
You are a
in the world!
Ira Ganas
Everything you need is already inside you!

The key to successes lies in your day to day routine.

I will help you learn and take you through the process of implementing the exercises into your daily life:

ira ganas - that`s me.

Today I am 50 years young, guide and inspire people on a revolutionary Face Yoga journey to say yes to themselves in the aging process.

My greatest joy and gift has always been to create a nourishing atmosphere. Let me show you how.

Ira Ganas
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The 4 R Method Technique

Release, rebuild, relax, repeat

Ira Ganas

What is Face Yoga?

Face Yoga by Fumiko Takatsu is a holistic approach …